FullStack JavaScript: Starter Guide

FullStack JavaScript: Starter Guide


The "FullStack JavaScript Starter Guide" is a step-by-step tutorial to build & deploy web applications from scratch. If you know a bit about HTML, CSS & JavaScript, then this is the book for you.

Let's get started...

What is FullStack development?

FullStack development is the ability to code and deploy a web application from end to end - from creating the user interface to saving information in the database and everything else in the middle and beyond. FullStack development requires knowledge of a broad set of web technologies and the ability to integrate them to build a usable web application. Developers who possess this broad skill set are called FullStack Developers.

What is FullStack JavaScript development?

FullStack JavaScript is the use of JavaScript for FullStack development. While it was common to use JavaScript to add interaction to the user interface, the creation of Node.js has enabled its usage on servers as well. This makes JavaScript a great candidate for end-to-end development of web applications.

What will we build?

In this tutorial, we will be building the Todos web application - a todo list application to add, edit and remove todos. The design and features of the Todos app are inspired from the TodoMVC project.

Todos App Wireframe

Here is a wireframe of the application we will be building along with the features it will support:

Todos Wireframe

Todos App Screenshot

Here is a screenshot of the completed todos application:

Todos App

Todos App Demo

Here is a working working of the application: See Working Todos Application

How will we build this application?

In order to build the app, we will be using a tech stack that includes Node, Express, Browserify, MongoDB and more. The tutorial will also introduce you to a variety of web development concepts like AJAX, REST, Cloud deployment and more.

Here is a complete picture of the tech stack we will be using:

Our FullStack

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